The Brain Tuner by Dr. Bob Beck
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by Dr. Bob Beck has been the leader in electronic relaxation systems since 1983.  BT-6 is an experimental, battery powered electronic instrument  that delivers minute levels of relaxing  energy  to the body through an electrode placed just behind the ears.  Compared to other relaxation programs, the Brain Tuner  requires  no  special effort, training or exotic equipment.   Most individuals describe the experience as being one of focused deep relaxation, even when high stress or anxiety have been present.  Following the normal 2 to 3 week application routine, many individuals may experience significant positive changes in their lives and relationships with others.  Many users experience a more positive, energetic outlook, better mental clarity and feelings of improved self-esteem.   The many daily challenges of life seem easier to handle and negative reaction to environmental stress and tension are diminished.  Some individuals may become aware that previous addictive behavior patterns gradually diminish with time. The many benefits of BT-6  tend to be cumulative in nature and  gradually reveal themselves over a period of 1 to 3 weeks.  Change is spontaneous and effortless.  We invite you to try BT-6  for a no-risk 30 day trial and discover the many ways it may enhance your performance and contribute to positive changes in your life.  The BT-6 Brain Tuner is truly  in a class by itself.  Thousands of satisfied customers have benefited from Dr. Beck's BT-6 relaxation system since 1983. Join them now and discover today's most powerful technology for effortless deep relaxation and positive change.

Note:  BT-6 is not a medical device and is not intended as a replacement for proper medical treatment.  Always consult a licensed health care practitioner for medical advice and treatment.

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NEUROELECTRIC THERAPY has been used worldwide for over 30 years to restore BALANCED BRAIN BIOCHEMISTRY and provide dramatic relief from addictions, pain, and a wide variety of stress-related syndromes as well as to enhance mental and physical health.

Bob Beck's BT-6 BRAIN TUNER is a safe and effective refinement of world's best Cranial-Electo-Stimulators by providing a COHERENT FULL-SPECTRUM of simultaneous bioelectric frequencies known to stimulate and normalize the body's production of NEUROTRANSMITTERS and ENDORPHINS (Endogenous Morphines, "The Runner's High").

A mild and gentle input to specific acupuncture points for a few minutes has proven effective an ever-increasing variety of human issues without harmful side effects.

Improved IQ, Memory, Concentration, Deep Prolonged Relaxation, Mood Elevation Sound Sleep and Lucid Dreaming, Relief from Headaches, Migraines, Pain, Relief from Addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, etc.), Relief from Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Improved Immune System Response, Expansion of Consciousness

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